Good Moring.,every teacher.I would firstly like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be here for this interview.
  To begin with,I would like to introduce myself.
  My name is XXX and I will soon graduate from the software college of Jilin University in July. I am open-minded and have broad interests that include reading,programming ,table tennis and so on. I enjoy programming the most,because through programming i can create the world what i like.There are many great companies thar changed the world like Google and Tencent, I firmly believe that one day i can achieve that,too.
  There are five people in my family,my grandmom,my parents,elder sister and I.My father work in a textile company, my mother work in a bank and my sister work as a teacher They are all hark working and they often tell me that hark woking is very important no matter what you do.
  Then let me introduce my undergraduate school.
  Jilin University is an very good university located in the cold city of Changchun.People of Changchun often say that the beautiful city Changchun is located in Jilin University ,the reason is that there are so many campus that we can see the label of JLU everywhere .Jilin University is a test base of Chinese higher education and I have witnessed three times president's change during my four-year university life;
  The reason why I choose to apply for my master's degree is that I find what I have learned is far than enough to achieve my dreamsWhat I want to research is Artificial Intelligence.As people have stricter requirements on automation,effciency and intelligence, we need such intellegent agents like robots to help us. Last year I saw the robot ASIMO made by HONDA in the newspaper, I was shocked and I hope that one day I can create one better than that.
  That is all.Thank you.
  My name is XXX, you might be able to associate a qiong precious jade novel, word is indeed the two words, the difference is not so beautiful person, ha ha. Actually, my classmates more like call with my English name, so that the meaning of June, June, a royal partials.
  I'm from guangdong xx city, maybe you haven't been to, is a small macro-assessment, these a few years just developed the hot spring industry, I think there will be more people know about this small city.
  In 2003, I EnPingShi city with the top score in admitted to the sun yat-sen university, learn is major in computer science. However, in cuhk, I can't be as high as always ranked, so far, the comprehensive credits is ranked by around 40%. In professional course, I c + + programming relatively strong capacity, a year ago self-study Java, in the class is the earliest started learning Java.
  I participated in our teacher led a program, called LAN chat room, I'm responsible for development of them timely communication system of writing. In our class, the teacher only chose me a girl to participate in this project, mainly is my writing programs efficiency is higher, attitude is very seriously.
  In addition to study and project practice beyond, I work in student union for two years, a year do stewards, and the second was promoted to the secretary general. Everybody to my assessment is considered very thoughtful and reassuring.
  In my job on the list, IBM is my preference unit, causes and you interviewed many students are all the same, for the big brands trust. After all, big brand company means a lot we need something, such as training and the salary, can and excellent quality of the people working together, etc.
  Technical support engineer it also happens to be my first job, because I have technical background, also have as a woman and communicate with the customer's natural advantage. Also, I'm not worried about frequent business trips, because my body quality is very good, I have insisted running in the morning for more than two years. In the IBM professional technical aspect, I trust company training system and my own fast learning ability! Hope to have the opportunity to join IBM team!
  My name is ***, professional. Computerized accounting. I am cheerful self-confidence, is a non-throwing in the towel girl. I am approachable and the students get along well, and actively participated in various activities held at the school. As literary members, I have tried for students services, and actively work to help teachers carry out various forms of activities, coordinating the relationship between students and the collective, so that our class to become a vibrant dynamic class group.
  In college, I was always to improve their overall quality as the goal, the overall development of self-direction, establish a correct outlook on life, values and world view.
  In order to meet the needs of social development, I have to seriously study a variety of professional knowledge and basic grasp of the basics of computer hardware and software and theory, be able to master the basic operation. And successfully passed the office automation, computer, a district, the University English Test 3. To tap their potential to participate in the annual summer social practice, which gradually increase their learning ability and analytical problem solving skills, as well as the coordination of certain organizational and management capacity.
  “Learning makes me know enough” is my college study and work motivation. I am systematic and comprehensive way to learn the theoretical basis of this specialized knowledge, at the same time to apply theoretical knowledge learned in practice activities, the learned knowledge into hands-on capacity, application ability and creativity. Seek the unity of theory and practice.
  In the study and master the theoretical knowledge and application of professional skills, it also worked to broaden their knowledge, develop their own ability in other areas. Apart from studying, I also forget to insist on participating in various sports and social activities. In the thinking and behavior, I am fine style of work, treating others with sincerity, can better handle interpersonal off the occasion of doing things calm and steady, can reasonably co-ordinated arrangements for the affairs of life.
  As a positive and optimistic new era of youth, I will not because of his post-secondary diploma and lose confidence, but I will be more pressing demands on themselves and re-enrich enrich enrich. Improve the self-realization of future goals. And I believe that: intentions to win the wonderful!

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