First of all, I would like to say thanks to everybody who gave me a chance to introduce myself.
  I'm 12years old now. As a boy, I'd like to play basketball. At the same time, I like English very much. I have a dream to be a member of NBA. / I like reading and gardening as all the other girls. And I like Chinese culture. Would like to be a writer in future.
  I will study hard to achieve my goal with your help!
  Thanks again for taking your time!
  Hello,all the students and teachers!Today ,I'm really glad to be here.I hope that I can give you a good impression and make good friends with you.I'm an outgoing ,diligent responsible and considerate person.
  My passion to English make me stand here.When I was 4 years old ,I started to learn English.From then on,I'm addicted to it.Personally I think,English is one of the most beautiful languages in the world.I appreaciate its pronunciation,intonation and so on.Whenever I'm alone,I like to talk to myself in English.
  Well,that's me,an English freak!Thank you for your attention.
  So,please remember me,agirl full of confidence and happiness.
  Thank you very much !
  Hello Everyone, my Name Is Lee. This Is Really A Great Honor To Have This Opportunity, and I Believe I Can Make Good Performance Today. Now I Will Introduce Myself Briefly.
  I Am 20 Years Old, born In Guangdong Province, south Of China, and I Am A Senior Student At Guangdong **University. My Major Is English. And I Will Receive My Bachelor Degree After My Graduation In June.
  In The Past Four Years, I Spent Most Of My Time On Study. I Passed CET4 And CET6 With A Ease And Acquired Basic Theoretical And Practical Knowledge Of Language.
  Besides, I Have Attended Several Speech Competition Held In Beijing, which Really Showed Our Professional Advantages. I Have Taken A Tour To Some Big Factories And Companies, through Which I Got A Deep Understanding Of English For Application. Compared To Developed Countries, unfortunately, although We Have Made Extraordinary Progress Since 1998, our Packaging Industry Is Still Underdeveloped, messy And Unstable, and The Situation Of Employees In The Field Is Awkward. But I Have Full Confidence In Its Bright Future If Only Our Economy Can Be Kept At The Growth Pace Still. I Guess You May Be Interested In Why I Choose This Job.
  I Would Like To Tell You That This Job Is One Of My Lifelong Goals. If I Can Work Here, I Will Work Hard. As To My Character, I Cannot Describe It Well, but I Know I Am Optimistic And Confident. Sometimes I Prefer To Stay Alone, reading And Listening To The Music, but I Am Not Lonely, for I Like To Chat With My Classmates About Almost Everything.
  My Favorite Pastime Is To Play Volleyball, to Play Cards or To Surf Online. From Life At University, I Learn How To Balance Study And Entertainment. By The Way, I Was An Actor In Our Amazing Drama Club. I Have A Few Glorious Memories On Stage. That Is My Pride. . .
  Hi, everybody! I call xxx, like a challenge and optimistic girl! I like the sunshine, like the green grass, because I was bathed in sunlight, absorb the dew of mother earth, with thick love thriving little vanilla!
  This year I was ten envy television host, impromptu speeches is hope my future will be like ju pin sister that the famous anchor. So I came to the city high school, vice minister of the propaganda campaign, the hope can be in this arena exercise myself, sharpening, constantly to own ideal near!
  I know it is not easy thing, not only the eloquence practice to thick culture, to wit humor, need to make a comprehensive development of man. Therefore, I need to do hard work. In precious childhood, I would learn a keyboard, dance, brush calligraphy and painting to enrich their life. Now in addition to learn lessons, my life is colorful, enrich the happiness.
  On Saturday morning in this foreign language school to learn spoken English, in the afternoon, evening in zhengda practicing dance in dashan art school sketch. Is my biggest hobby is reading, the father mother bought me a book, read, I have no idea food and sleep.
  I like reading books, especially the various types of preference for some stories and philosophical because it allows me to realize the truth, many living and studying the confidence to motivate yourself and self-motivated, confront the challenges, Let me also learn to learn cooperation, And let me know how the society sincerely take care of others, will win friends to help, life is colorful, happy!
  As one of the busiest day, my job is richer, happy and confident! I also believe in the school of the larger propaganda on stage, as long as I constantly strive to explore, learn, and I will be in the city, the propaganda department, a star!

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